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Cpap for sleep apnea cpap traveller cpap machine manufacturers

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Low price Portable CPAP machine with humidifier manufacturers
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CPAP function : As the most basic function of a ventilator, it provides single-level treatment pressure for the patient's respiratory airway and lungs, and provides treatment pressure during both the patient's inspiratory and expiratory phases, so that the patient can keep the airway open and have enough gas Enter the patient’s lungs for gas exchange.

Integrated humidifier : In order to alleviate the dryness caused by the patient's rapid airflow through the upper respiratory tract, the gas entering the patient's upper respiratory tract is warmed and humidified to reduce the damage of dry and cold air to the human lung mucosa.

Power failure prompt : When the fan is running, the external power supply is cut off to promptly remind the patient to wake up from sleep to prevent the patient's repeated inhalation of carbon dioxide and increase in carbonic acid after the fan stops.

Ramp function : In order to alleviate the patient's difficulty in tolerating high pressure and difficulty falling asleep, the ventilator increases the process of linear increase from low pressure to the set treatment pressure, giving the patient a process of adapting to the pressure. This process time can be freely set by the user.

Automatic start : When the ventilator detects breathing airflow in the standby state, the ventilator enters the running state, starts the fan operation, and outputs the treatment pressure. It is convenient for patients to operate without manual operation.

Automatic stop : After the mask is removed, the ventilator automatically stops running after 10 seconds when the ventilator detects that there is no ventilator movement.

Auto compensation for air leakage: When it is detected that the treatment pressure delivered to the patient is small, the ventilator controls the output of the fan to increase the output to ensure that the output treatment pressure is the set treatment pressure.

Air leak reminder : When the patient uses the ventilator at night, because the mask, tubing, ventilator, etc. leak too much to maintain the treatment pressure, the ventilator will make a sound to remind the patient to deal with the leak

Backlight adjustment : When the patient turns on the backlight in the automatic mode, the patient's operation is recorded, and the backlight is automatically turned off after 15 seconds after the patient has not operated.

Unit switching function : In order to adapt to different users, there are different options for the measurement unit of air pressure

Auto CPAP function : Solve the problem that patients need different breathing treatment pressures due to different sleep cycles during the whole night. This can ensure that patients can be provided with the minimum treatment pressure on the premise that the treatment effect is not reduced, so that the patients feel the most Comfortable.

EPS function: The ventilator accurately judges the patient's inspiratory phase and expiratory phase, and outputs the corresponding low expiratory pressure when exhaling, so that the patient can obtain a more comfortable expiratory pressure when exhaling.

Record respiratory events : Effectively count the AHI (apnea-hypopnea index) of patients when they use the ventilator, and provide effective feedback for the treatment effect.

Mask matching : In the mask matching mode, after the patient wears the mask, the ventilator starts the ventilator to output the test pressure, and the ventilator monitors the flow value. If the flow value is within the effective compensation range, the mask is matched successfully, that is, the mask can effectively reduce the treatment pressure of the ventilator. Delivery to the patient.

Support micro SD card upgrade : As the carrier of patient data transmission, micro SD facilitates the transmission of patient usage data. In addition, micro SD can be used as a carrier to upgrade the firmware program.

Pipeline drying:
After using the humidifier, when returning to the standby state, the fan still runs at a low pressure, so as to solve the problem of rapid volatilization of the accumulated water vapor in the Breathing Circuit when the humidifier is used.

Maintenance reminder Including mask replacement reminder, pipeline replacement reminder, filter replacement reminder, water tank replacement reminder, SD data viewing reminder, etc.

Blood oxygen function: The ventilator reads the patient’s oxygen saturation and pulse rate through the blood oxygen probe, displays it on the ventilator interface, records it on the SD, and uploads it to the computer via the SD card to form continuous data records and statistical data.
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Low price portable CPAP machine with humidifier manufacturers

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